Your Podiatrist Can Help With Custom Orthotics In Edmonds

Your Podiatrist Can Help With Custom Orthotics In Edmonds

Orthotics in Edmonds

Have you been dealing with issues with your feet for quite some time? Anyone who is having foot pain or discomfort should never ignore it, as this is something that can worsen over time if not addressed properly. Whenever there are issues that need to be addressed, you should know that you could benefit from custom orthotics in Edmonds.

What are orthotics?

Also known as orthoses, orthotics are foot supports that can be crafted from a number of different materials, including fiberglass, plastic, foam, graphite, leather, and more. They are made to fit inside the shoes to provide the right level of support exactly where it is needed. Some of the orthotics will be molded, some are flat, or some may even come with a type of gel filling for a unique level of support.

They work by helping to support and cushion the foot, which will work well for reducing a lot of the issues that are associated with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions and more. Some orthotics can even be made to assist with efficient foot movement or work to correct any structural imbalances that are present that can cause pain to develop in the hips and knees. For some patients, they can also be a lovely shock absorber to be used during activities such as running and exercising.

I have seen inserts for sale at the grocery store – can’t I use those?

While there are a number on non-prescription over the counter orthotics that are for sale today, they are not going to give the same level of support and results that you would see if you visit a podiatrist for custom orthotics. Even though these products are marketed as being an effective way to keep your feet in good health and to help with any back, hip, foot, or knee issues that you may be having, the chances are very good that you are simply wasting your money on something that is just not tailored to your needs.

custom orthotics in Edmonds

When it comes to the human body and the function of the skeletal system, not everyone will have the same needs. Where you may have issues in your back or hips, another patient will have problems in the joints in their ankle or the bones in their feet. Due to all of the countless bones, tendons, joints, and tissue in the human body, it is always going to suit you best to visit a professional that understands how this intricate system works.

By simply making an appointment to see a podiatrist, you are going to get the professional level of care that you need. This is the expert insight as to what is going on with the bones in your body so that you can get detailed care and attention in the way of custom orthotics.

Whenever there is any sort of pain or chronic foot condition that you are dealing with, custom orthotics can be the answer that you are looking for to give you the relief that you deserve. To make it even better, the custom orthotics will be there to help you move forward so that you are always able to get the support that your body needs.

When you visit the podiatrist, there will be scans taken of your feet and casts made to ensure the proper sizing and shape of the orthotics to be used. This is the kind of tailored result that you simply cannot get from answering some questions on the back of a package of over the counter insoles.

Once you get the custom insoles or devices from your podiatrist, you should start to see results in a short period of time. There may be follow up appointments that are necessary to make adjustments, but the results will be very beneficial overall. Before you know it, you could be free of the pain that you may have been dealing with in your heel, ankle, hips and more.

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