What May Be Causing Your Chronic Deep Ankle Pain In Edmonds

What May Be Causing Your Chronic Deep Ankle Pain In Edmonds

What May Be Causing Your Chronic Deep Ankle Pain In Edmonds

It can sometimes be quite challenging to get a solid diagnosis when you are dealing with chronic ankle pain. You may have already been to your regular physician more than once, yet still have not found the best treatment. This is when you should be looking to the guidance of a podiatrist when you want to pinpoint the source of your chronic deep ankle pain in Edmonds.

There can be a broad range of causes of ankle pain that can lead to a chronic condition if you are not careful, including:


A sprain happens whenever you have a tear in the ligaments, which are the tissues that help to keep the bones in your ankle together. You may have rolled your foot to the side and there is now swelling and bruising. With a light sprain, the pain should subside after a few days. If it worsens, you should see a podiatrist for treatment.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The body’s immune system is there to fight off germs. However, it can sometimes mistakenly attack the joints in patients that have rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms may include stiffness, swelling, and pain. To get relief, your podiatrist may suggest inserts, special shoes, or medication to help ease swelling.


As an autoimmune disease that impacts healthy tissue, Lupus may affect ankles by causing fluid to build up in the joints. While this condition has no cure, your podiatrist may be able to recommend treatments and provide insight on medications that can help you to control the swelling and inflammation.


Someone with gout may notice issues with their big toes, but there can be pain and swelling in the ankles as well. You may find that your physician will prescribe medications, but your podiatrist can also work with you to help you find treatment plans that habit changes that can bring great relief.

Flat Feet

Someone who has a flattened arch is known as having flat feet. Should your arch stay flat, it could be due to genetics, wear and tear, or the result of an injury. Your podiatrist can talk with you about physical therapy exercises and getting relief with the help of supportive shoes or arch supports.


Should you have a fracture within your ankle that impacts the three bones, you may have difficulty walking due to severe pain, swelling, and bruising. While a person may be able to walk after breaking their ankle, it will be difficult. Should you have a severe fracture, there could even be bone exposed. Your podiatrist will be able to help you by making sure that your ankle is supported or suggest surgical intervention if the injury is severe.

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