Shin Splints/Tendonitis

Other Sports-Related Injuries

Taking care of your feet, ankle, and legs is important to help you do everyday chores. Walking can become quite painful if you don’t. That is where the Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic can help. With caring and compassionate staff members, innovative methods of treatment, and help when you need it, we’re here to help with all your pain or therapy needs. Our team covers everything from congenital disabilities to shin splints/tendonitis.

What Are Shin Splints?

This type of injury is a prevalent problem that stems from exercise. It refers to the pain that happens alongside the inner edge of the tibia or shinbone. Many of the patients we see develop these after running. However, it can happen from a variety of activities or from having flat feet or improper footwear. The problem is that you have inflammation in the muscles or tendons around the bone.

Treatment Options

Basic treatments you can try at home include stretching, rest, and applying ice to the affected area. However, if it doesn’t go away, it can also cause tendonitis. This is where the tendons become inflamed and can even lead to a tear if not treated properly.

We may also recommend some nonsteroidal or anti-inflammatory medication to help alleviate the situation. We recommend being pain-free for at least two weeks before you start to resume exercise or vigorous routines.

If you feel you are having trouble with shin splints/tendonitis, be sure to reach out to our office today. Schedule a consultation appointment by calling our team at (425) 482-6663. We look forward to helping you live pain-free!