General Information and Tips

According to an American Podiatric Medical Association survey, 76 percent of Americans said they spend more than four hours each day on their feet. The same percentage said they had foot problems in the last 12 months.

The survey also showed that more women complain that their feet hurt all the time.

Foot pain is caused by a wide variety of things, including:

Bone spurs, which are sharp pains in the heel, sole, and toes and are generally caused by activities that involve strenuous foot-pounding.
Fallen arches
Gout, which commonly occurs in the big toe, causing it to become red, swollen, and very tender.
Ingrown toenails
Morton’s neuroma (characterized by sharp or burning pain in the ball of the foot, which may go into the toes) is less common but is also often caused by wearing tight-fitting shoes.
Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the connective tissue on the sole of the foot)
Stress fractures of the metatarsal bones
Wearing improper shoes or extensive use of the feet.