Preventing and Treating Bunions In The Arlington/Smokey Point Area

Preventing and Treating Bunions In The Arlington/Smokey Point Area

Preventing and Treating Bunions In The Arlington/Smokey Point AreaWhen it comes to various foot disorders, bunions are one of the more common issues that affect people. It is always best to try to visit a podiatrist whenever you want to work preventing and treating bunions in the Arlington/Smokey Point area.

A bunion is a bony lump that develops around the big toe at the ball area of the foot. This lump can be comprised of a fluid filled sack called a bursa that builds up and then hardens due to regular exposure to pressure. It can also cause neuritis due to the increased pressure to a nerve running over the bony lump. Through time, patients may notice the bony lump growing larger and pain that develops around the joint area. This can make a variety of tasks like wearing shoes and walking very painful.

You run the risk of an angular deformity of your big toe as the pain gets worse and the inflammation increases. This is known as a HAV, or Hallux Abducto Valgus, which happens when the big toe begins to deviate toward the small toes of the foot. Such a deformity can lead to imbalance, make it so that buying footwear is nearly impossible, and a great deal of long-term pain.

Bunion Causes

Inheriting a foot type that tends to be prone to bunions is one of the more common factors. If your feet are subjected to rolling in, the chances are also good that you will have bunions developing from the excess pressure on the joint of the big toe. This can also happen due to footwear that is ill-fitting, such as tight and narrow shows, or high heels, as they can put pressure on the region of the big toe and lead to the increasing bursa growth.

Seeing A Podiatrist

The best way to treat a bunion, or prevent one, is to see a podiatrist to ensure foot health. Once a bunion does develop, you can control the pain and slow the progression of the deformity by following the recommendation of orthotics and shoe gear prescribed by your podiatrist. Detection will always be key if you want to try to prevent and avoid any future complications or pain due to bunions.

Like any other condition, you have to be able to identify exactly what is causing the problem and exactly how far it has gone. Your podiatrist will take a look at any of the causes and risk factors in your history and then do a biomechanical assessment to determine whether or not excessive pronation is leading to the bunion development.

If it shows that you are dealing with excessive pronation, your podiatrist will work with you to prescribe custom orthotics that will help to preserve the condition and the movement of your big toe joint to prevent any further complications from developing. These custom orthotics can also help with improving posture as well as stabilize the joint of the big toe.

Working closely with a podiatrist will also give you the information you need when it comes to footwear recommendations that will cut back on the pressure and pain associated with bunion development. Generally, the best option will be footwear that is wide and accommodating with a lower heel to cut back on the pain and to compliment your orthotics.

Of course, having surgical correction is an option, but your podiatrist will only consider it once all other care options have been exhausted. You should always seek early podiatrist diagnosis, work on selecting the best footwear, and wear the custom foot orthotics as prescribed for best results.

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