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What Is Polydactyly?

This is where a child is born with extra fingers or toes on their hands and feet. This is a genetic condition that typically runs in the family. It could be from a mutation in genes or environmental factors. Most often, you’ll see this on the left foot of a child.

There are three types you may see:

  • An extra digit is on the outside of the limb
  • An extra digit is on the inside of the limb
  • An extra digit is in the middle (least common)

It can also be attributed to a syndromic type of condition. This could be tied to conditions such as short-rib polydactyly, Pallister-Hall syndrome, or Carpenter syndrome. However, this type is very rare.

Treatment will vary depending on where the extra digit is located. For example, when they are on the outside of the foot, it is typically surgically removed before the age of two. If it is located on the inside or in the middle, this will require more in-depth procedures.

It can be nerve-wracking to have a diagnosis of polydactyly when your child is born. However, don’t fret. There are treatment methods to handle the situation and allow your child to live normal and healthy lives.

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