Podiatry – Podiatrist Foot Doctor In Mercer Island

Seeing a podiatrist in Mercer Island for the first time can be a be a bit of a learning experience. If you are like most people, you may think that pain in your feet is something normal that you just have to ride out until it feels better. However, what you should know is that there are many different reasons that you should see us at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic even if the pain or discomfort that you are experience is only mild in nature.

Podiatrist In Mercer Island

During your first visit, our friendly and professional staff will talk with you about the pain, discomfort or swelling that you are experiencing. We will also ask you about any of the medications that you are taking, what your family history is and if there are any injuries that we should know about. If you have had injuries in the past, we will ask you about any CT scans or tests that have been done.

We want to make sure that we are able to give you the best possible care and a customized treatment plan is always the best way to do so. We will discuss all of your needs and go over how you can be treated and what you may be able to do moving forward so that you have a plan for preventive care.

You should never have to deal with prolonged pain or swelling in your feet and we will be happy to do all that we can to get you feeling like yourself again. Call us today at (425)482-6663 to set up your appointment to see our specialists at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic. We look forward to becoming your podiatrist in Mercer Island.