Platelet Rich Plasma Injections in Redmond

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections in Redmond

The continual pain of an injury to the ankle or foot can keep you from doing the things you need and want to do. Problems like plantar fasciitis, a foot sprain, torn ligament, Achilles tendonitis, strained calf muscle and weak ankles can all cause pain and restricted movement. No matter if your injury happened recently or it is a chronic condition, Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic can address the issue quickly and effectively. Platelet rich plasma injections in Redmond are a ground-breaking new treatment for these foot and ankle issues and they can be completed in one appointment, saving time and money. Dr. Hall has cared for more than 100 people with this particular therapy and is now investigating its possible use on arthritis.

The body efficiently makes internal repairs on an injury called a healing cascade. This integral process restores damaged tissues in a specific way. The first response to an injury is redness and swelling at the site because of blood coagulation. Known as the inflammatory phase, this period lasts about a week. Collagen and scar tissue form during the next 2-3 months. In the final step, called the restoration phase, damaged tissues are restored and scar tissue diminished.

If an injury is not adequately treated when it occurs, the healing cascade ceases repairs. This quiescent phase concludes injury reparation. Continuing pain and a wound that does not fully heal are the ill-fated results.

Introducing platelet rich plasma into the damaged tissue renews the healing cascade with the inflammatory phase. The entire process is able to begin again to repair damaged tissue.

Platelet rich plasma treatment is simple. Blood is extracted from the arm into a vial and then spun in a centrifuge to divide platelet rich plasma from whole blood. A numbing agent is applied to the ankle or foot and PRP injected directly into the injury. To ensure every chance for healing, the foot and ankle are necessarily immobilized in a boot.

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