Platelet Rich Plasma Injections in Bellevue

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections in Bellevue

Moving from place to place with an ankle or foot injury presents many challenges and pain can keep you from implementing daily responsibilities. You may have weak ankles, a calf strain, Achilles tendon problems, a torn ligament, plantar fasciitis or a foot sprain. Whether the damage is recent or chronic, prompt treatment is the best option for a full recovery. Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic has become adept at treating this type of injury with platelet rich plasma injections in Bellevue in one visit, saving you time and money. Dr. Hall has effectively cured over 100 individuals with this unique therapy and is now researching its use on joint arthritis.

A healing cascade ensues when the body suffers an injury. This intrinsic process repairs damaged tissues in a precise sequence. Initially, the injury becomes red and swollen because of coagulating blood in the area. This inflammatory phase lasts approximately 1 week. During the next 8-12 weeks, collagen and scar tissue form. The last 6 months of the healing cascade regenerate damaged tissue and reduce the amount of scar tissue.

If an injury is not quickly addressed, the healing cascade stops its healing development. This quiescent phase shows that the course has been terminated. The result is lingering pain and a wound that never really heals completely.

Instilling platelet rich plasma into the wound restarts the healing cascade with the inflammatory phase. Now, the process can progress and fully restore damaged tissue.

PRP treatment is quite simple. A vial of blood is taken from the arm and then positioned into a centrifuge which separates whole blood from the platelet rich plasma. The injured ankle or foot is numbed and PRP injected into the injury. For maximum opportunity for healing, a 4-week stint in a boot are required.

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