Plantar Warts Treatment In Bothell-Mill Creek, WA

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The Mill Creek foot & Ankle Clinic is here to help you take care of your body’s foundation, your feet. You want to ensure that you work with a specialist such as ours to get the best care to ensure you have the right plantar warts treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA. These small lesions can cause pain and cause you to walk abnormally if left untreated. The staff here at the clinic can help you get back to normal living as soon as possible. With our treatment options available, you can quickly get a plan in place to help you restore normal walking and pain-free days.

Caused By HPV

The human papillomavirus causes these warts. It will enter your skin through slight cuts or breaks. The virus will then cause growth on the parts of the foot that are weight-bearing. This means you’ll typically find them on the heel or ball of your foot. They are most often found in teenagers or children, those with an immune system weakened, or those who tend to walk barefoot in the environment where the virus is found.


If you suspect this is the issue you’re suffering with, there are a few ways to tell. You may expect pain or slight tenderness when you take a walk. You may notice lesions on your foot that will interrupt the ridges of your feet. You may even start to develop a callus on your foot.

Treatment Options

We offer a variety of options to handle plantar warts. For starters, we can utilize cryotherapy to freeze the wart off the foot. Sometimes a peeling type of therapy with salicylic acid works best. In some instances, we find that laser treatments are best.

Whatever the best plantar warts treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA, you can rely on our team to help you find the solution you’re after. Call us at (425) 482-6663 to set up your consultation.