Neuroma (Morton’s) Treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA

Having pain in your feet when you’re trying to do normal daily tasks is very frustrating. It’s hard to know when to see a doctor or when to let it ride. However, with certain conditions, you need to talk with a specialist. That’s where Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic comes in. We provide a wide range of services, such as our neuroma (Morton’s) treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA.

Let us help diagnose the condition and get you on a path to treatment to live life as normally as possible!

What is Neuroma?

This is a condition with the foot where the tissue around the nerves in the foot starts to thicken. This can start to cause your foot to hurt and even feels like stepping on a pebble or rock when you’re not. Often, we see pain start to develop as a sharp, burning sensation in the ball region of the foot. The condition can also lead to numbness in the toes as well.


When it comes to Morton’s neuroma, there are several common causes that we see. One of those is the footwear people utilize. Wearing heels repeatedly or shoes that are too tight can cause this condition to develop. Repetitive activities such as jogging or running that put pressure on that area of the foot are another reason it develops. Other conditions that can contribute to this include hammertoes, bunions, or flat feet.

Treatment Options

Depending on how severe the case it will determine the course of treatment that we recommend. For some of our patients, injections are a way to help relieve the pain. In others, we find that surgical methods of treatment work best.

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