Needing Ankle Surgery in Renton

Needing Ankle Surgery in Renton

Needing Ankle Surgery in RentonThere are several reasons that a person may need ankle surgery. It can often be scary when a patient is about to undergo a surgical procedure. Here at the Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we want to address the concerns of every patient. We need our feet and ankles to walk, and having to rest for an extended period of time can wreak havoc in the home and at work. However, once the surgery and recovery time is completed, and a patient can go back to living an everyday life without ankle pain, they will feel much better.

Some issues that necessitate ankle surgery include a deformity of the ankle or a deformity of the bone structure. There is nothing really that physical therapy or other treatments can do to fix a bone problem. While some of these deformities may be present from birth, other ankle problems can develop over time from other diseases.

Patients that suffer from problems such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other neuromuscular conditions may be at risk for bone and ankle deformities as they age. What can surgery do to fix this? One option is to use ankle surgery to realign the deformity so that a person is much more comfortable for the rest of their life and can live without pain.

Another suggestion is that those with severe ankle problems and deformities require surgery to use fixation devices during and after surgery so that the ankle does not return to its normal position. Orthotic shoes can also help people be more comfortable after surgery and align their feet properly.

For more information on ankle surgery or to make an appointment to discuss treatment options, please call the Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic at (425) 482-6663. We want all of our patients to feel better and walk better.