Learn To Understand What Your Feet May Be Telling You

Learn To Understand What Your Feet May Be Telling You

Learn To Understand What Your Feet May Be Telling You

Even though your feet are small in comparison to other body parts, they are strong enough to support all of the weight and height of your body. It is essential to pay close attention to your feet because they can also lead to problems if not cared for properly. This is why it is a good idea to see a professional podiatrist in Lake Stevens from time to time for checkups and foot care.


Every step that someone takes involves a detailed network of ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. When you bring together this level of complexity with the weight of your body, it is easy to see why feet can be prone to issues. Things like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and bone fractures are just a few of the common foot problems that people suffer from.

When foot issues are left untreated, these problems can become much worse, and the pain can start to interfere with regular activities or even walking. Should foot pain hinder walking, you should see a podiatrist before it starts to radiate to your knees, the hips, or your back. Once these problems start to multiply, it can impact your overall quality of life.

What Contributes to Numbness or Foot Pain?

A lot of physical activity or sports can lead to foot pain or numbness. You may go too fast or too far without proper warmups, and this can set you up for injuries and discomfort. Additionally, excess weight puts a strain on your feet, or you could have ill-fitted shoes that irritate your feet.

If you have a lack of feeling in your feet, it could be an indication that you have a nerve disorder or diabetic neuropathy. Your podiatrist can help you diagnose such an issue and help you to determine the best course of treatment and the right footwear to keep you steady on your feet.

Many foot disorders are either modifiable or treatable, but the first order of business is keeping track of the signs your feet are giving you. Once you determine where the numbness or pain stems from, you then have a better picture of how to treat it. For some people, it could be an inherited trait or how they walk on their feet. For others, merely making a change in footwear can make a dramatic difference. Your podiatrist may even recommend using shoe pads or inserts.


Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic is here for you when it comes to learning about listening to the signs that your feet might be giving you. We encourage you to set up a time for a consultation so that we can get you started on a foot care routine to keep you on your feet!

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