Ingrown Toenails Treatment In Bothell-Mill Creek, WA

Ingrown Toenails Treatment In Bothell-Mill Creek, WA
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Ingrown toenails can be quite painful when you’re dealing with them. Knowing that you can get compassionate treatment is key to helping you get on the mend quickly. Here at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic, we provide professional and compassionate ingrown toenails treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA.

Learn how these toenails can form and what to do if you find yourself suffering from one yourself:

How It Forms

When the side of your toe begins to grow into the skin around it, that is what is known as an ingrown toenail. This can cause the toe to become swollen, red, and even infected. It’s best to get this taken care of right away. The longer it goes, the worse it will get.

There are several ways it can form. For starters, cutting your toenail improperly can cause this to develop. For example, if you don’t cut your toenails straight, they can start to grow incorrectly into the flesh of your toe. Curved toenails, improper footwear, and even injury to the foot can cause these issues. Genetics is also part of the process.


This type of treatment is handled on a case-by-case basis. We evaluate your situation, develop a treatment plan, and help you to get the toe back to normal as soon as possible. In some cases, we can lift the nail and place a splint under it to help it help. In extreme instances, we have to remove the ingrown toenail.

If you’re suffering from toenails that are growing improperly, be sure to reach out to us today at (425) 482-6663. We’ll set up your appointment for ingrown toenails treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA, to help you get back to normal.