Other Prescription Orthotics/Gait Issues

Learning to walk is a huge part of childhood and excitement for parents. It can also bring about concerns when you notice that your child may not be walking quite as they should. One common condition the team here at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic sees is in-toeing. This is a fairly common gait abnormality, and there are several ways to help correct it before it becomes more bothersome.

What Is In-Toeing?

In-toeing is a condition where the feet or toes turn inward when your child is walking instead of facing straight forward. This condition can be caused by various conditions such as the toes turning, the thighs turning, or even the hips being turned in. There could be several reasons for this condition, but it typically can’t be avoided. This is due to it being a genetic or developmental issue.

In most cases, this will correct itself in children that are 8 or younger. However, there are some instances where medical intervention is required. This could include the use of braces, surgery, or other treatment options.

If you’re noticing this sign in your child, it’s best to have it looked at early on. We can work with you to ensure it will either correct itself or you take action to help if it doesn’t. This can cause arthritis pain later in life if not taken care of early on.

If you’re concerned about in-toeing, be sure to reach out to the compassionate staff here today by calling (425) 482-6663 to set up a consultation. We are here to help you get you or your child walking straight and tall. We look forward to assisting you.