How Your Footwear May Contribute To Corns And Calluses

How Your Footwear May Contribute To Corns And Calluses

If you are dealing with painful corns and calluses, you should know that you do have options when it comes to treatment. By calling us today at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic, we will be able to show you how podiatry for corns and calluses in Marysville will get you the relief that you are looking for.

What Are Calluses And Corns?

A callus is a collection of dead skin that normally develops under the soles of the feet or on the palm area of the hand. A corn is similar to a callus because they are made up of keratin. The corn starts whenever there is localized pressure on a callus. A dense core of the dead skin will begin to form in the callus center due to this specific pressure point.

At our podiatry office in Marysville, we will generally see four major kinds of calluses, including:

  • Soft corns
  • Hard corns
  • Neurovascular corns
  • Seed corns

The common denominator is that both the corn and callus are a build-up of dead skin. A corn will develop on areas that are subject to a great deal of irritation or pressure. It is not uncommon for calluses and corns to develop when the patient is wearing shoes that are too tight or narrow. However, they can sometimes appear in between or on top of the toes or under the foot on the soles of the feet because of poor bone alignment.

There are just two causes of corns and calluses: 1) pressure, and 2) irritation that is excessive in nature. If you are wearing the wrong shoes or you do not have proper alignment of your feet while you walk, you could be opening yourself up to the development of uncomfortable or painful corns and calluses.

Podiatry Treatment Options

When you visit our professional podiatrist office, we will have the ability to treat your calluses or corns in a couple of ways. We will take a look at the area where the dead skin has formed and then carefully remove it. We can also take a look at the location of the corn or callus to determine the root cause and then give you advice that will help you to keep the problem from happening in the future.

Know The Facts

When it comes to some of the various products that you can buy over the counter to treat corns and calluses, you need to know that there can be some dangers involved. The solutions, pads, paints or plasters for corns will often contain acids that can be dangerous if you have underlying health conditions like circulation disorders, diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. Due to this danger, the use of corn removal pads and other products that contain the dangers acids are never recommended.

Once we remove your corn for you, we can help you to find the right footwear modifications to get you long-lasting relief. These suggestions may include:

  • Stretching of your shoes
  • Adding more cushioning to your footwear
  • Changing your footwear completely

No matter what, the removal of a corn or callus should only be done by a professional podiatrist and this is never something that should be done at home. If you end up cutting too deep, it can leave you open to tissue damage or problems with your blood vessels and nerves. You may even be subjected to scarring, infection, ulceration or amputation.

When you work with us at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic for the treatment of corns and calluses, we can help you with custom foot orthotics, custom-made footwear, padded insoles, and manipulation or mobilization to get you the relief that you deserve. This is a condition that can be resolved when treated successfully by a professional.

Call Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic today to learn more about podiatry for corns and calluses in Marysville. We will discuss footwear options during your consultation. Contact Mill Creek Foot and Ankle for more information at 425-482-6663.