Hammertoes Treatment In Bothell-Mill Creek, WA

Hammertoes Treatment In Bothell-Mill Creek, WA
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Do you struggle with pain in your feet or a condition that you’re not sure is normal? Then it’s time to contact the compassionate team at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic. We can help with everything from cracked, painful heels to diabetic complications or hammertoes treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA. Our team has been together for years, assisting patients in regaining confidence and relieving the pain they’ve dealt with for years.

What Are Hammertoes?

This is a condition that is identified due to abnormal bending of the middle joint of the toe. This abnormal bend can cause pain when wearing certain types of shoes, running, or even walking. When left untreated, the toe joint grows more rigid over time, causing more pain. That’s why you must seek treatment as soon as you notice signs of this condition. Getting an evaluation with one of our doctors will allow you to know if this is the condition you’re dealing with and how to proceed.

Other Facts

There are a few other issues that those dealing with hammertoe will also notice. You may struggle with calluses or corns. People who are most likely to struggle with this condition include diabetes, arthritis, older patients, and wearing improper footwear.

Tips To Follow

One of the most important things to help prevent this condition or stop the pain is to ensure you’re wearing proper footwear at all times. Make sure the shoes have enough room for your toes to move. You don’t want them too tight. Using shoes with straps to loosen them and a low-heel are recommended. When you’re buying shoes, go at the end of the day when your feet are at the largest they’ll be. That helps prevent buying shoes that are too small.

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