Get Answers On Treating Flat Feet Near Bothell

Get Answers On Treating Flat Feet Near Bothell

Get Answers On Treating Flat Feet Near Bothell

You may have heard a discussion about “fallen arches” regarding the feet in the past. This is a term often used to describe someone with flat feet. Someone with flat feet usually has little or no arch to their feet. This is a gap generally located under the inner portion of a foot whenever the person is in a standing position. If you are concerned, seeing a podiatrist for treatment of flat feet near Bothell is best.


When it comes to flat feet or fallen arches, the most common complaint will be aching or pain. There could be discomfort in one or more of the following areas of the body with fallen arches:

  • Inside the ankle
  • Arch of the foot
  • Knee
  • Calf
  • Lower back
  • Lower legs
  • Hip
  • Stiffness in one or both of the feet

Know the Cause

There can be a variety of causes for flat feet, including:

  • Genetics – flat feet is a condition that can pass through the genes from the parent to the child
  • Weakened arches – this is when the arch remains visible as the person is sitting, but the foot will flatten to the ground when they stand
  • Injury to the ankle or foot
  • Arthritis
  • Damage to the posterior tibial tendon
  • Muscle or nervous system diseases like muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, or cerebral palsy

See Your Podiatrist for a Diagnosis

Generally, someone with flat feet will not need to speak with a health professional. However, you should see your podiatrist should you experience any of the following:

  • Pain in your feet, lower limbs, or ankles
  • Flat feet that developed very recently
  • Symptoms that are not improving with properly fitted and supportive footwear
  • One or both of your feet flatten even more
  • Feeling stiffness, weight, or rigidity in the feet

If you have or suspect you have an issue and would like to see someone for flat feet near Bothell, Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic can help. Call us at (425) 482-6663 today!