Gait Abnormalities

Other Prescription Orthotics/Gait Issues

How you walk says a lot to the world around you and your doctor. It can tell your doctor what condition you may be dealing with and where it is rooted. When it comes to gait abnormalities, it can mean more than simply walking differently from others. These can signal issues that need medical care to get your gait back to the center. Knowing what gait abnormalities to watch for and what they mean is what Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic is here to do.

Here’s a look at just a few of them and how we can help:


This is a gait where children have their toes pointing towards each other instead of straight in front of them when walking or running. This is commonly called “pigeon-toed” as well. This is something that should be corrected sooner than later to prevent further issues down the road.


This type of abnormality is where feet turn outward instead of straight ahead. It can lead to pain and disability later in life if not corrected early on. This is much less common than in-toeing.

Steppage Gait

This particular condition is where the foot hangs down when trying to walk and can cause the toes to scrape the floor when taking steps. It leads to patients having to pick their legs up higher than normal to prevent that.

Waddling Gait

This walk is similar to a duck walk and shows up typically in childhood but can happen later in life.

With a gait analysis in place, you can learn the best ways to correct the gait abnormalities you or your children may be dealing with. Allow our team to help you today in getting a smoother, pain-free walk in place. Call us at (425) 482-6663 for your appointment.