Foot Calluses Treatment In Woodinville

Foot Calluses Treatment In WoodinvilleIf you have any sort of callus on your foot that gets cut and it begins to bleed, you need to see a professional right away for foot calluses treatment in Woodinville. The break that can occur on the skin could invite bacteria that will lead to a potential infection if you are not careful. Luckily, our staff at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle will be able to offer you an examination and then work on a customized treatment plan.

Another reason why you should seek professional for treatment of a callus is any sort of underlying medical condition. For example, a patient who has heart disease, diabetes or any circulation issues can be at a much higher risk for infection. Our team will go through your medical history with you to make sure that there isn’t any other area that should be addressed to make sure that infection is avoided.

A lot of calluses that develop on your feet can subside over time if you treat them carefully and also wear the right shoes to keep friction to a minimum. We may also suggest that you have the top layer of your callus shaved off so that you can get some relief and cut back on the pressure and friction.

Depending on how difficult the callus is that you are dealing with, it may be recommended that you have your gait checked out and try out different types of orthopedic shoe inserts that will help you to distribute the pressure in an even manner.

Dealing with foot blisters, foot corns or a painful callus? Call Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic for foot calluses treatment in Woodinville at (425)482-6663.