Foot Calluses Treatment In Mill Creek

Foot Calluses Treatment In Mill CreekDo you have a corn or a callus on your foot? If so, then you already know just how painful these thickened areas of the skin can be to deal with. By making time to see our team at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, you can learn all about the callus or corn that you have and what you can do for professional foot calluses treatment in Mill Creek.

Some of the symptoms that you may notice when you have corns or calluses include:

  • tenderness or pain in the region that is affected
  • a bump on the skin
  • a hard, thickened patch of skin
  • dry and flaky skin

There are some corns and calluses that you may be able to treat using medicated products that work to help bring down the dead and thickened skin cells. One such ingredient that is often used is called salicylic acid.

A corn or a callus can be prevented by working to eliminate or reduce what circumstances will lead to more pressure in some points on your feet. If you are a person who has fragile skin or even poor circulation in your feet, you may notice that you end up being more prone to calluses or the development or corns.

We can help with professional foot calluses treatment in Mill Creek. Our team will be happy to talk with you, listen to your symptoms and work with you to find a good treatment plan. No matter what, our goal is to always make sure that you are able to get back to doing all of the regular activities that you enjoy.