Foot Calluses Treatment In Everett

Foot Calluses Treatment In EverettIf you notice some sort of rough, thick area of skin on your foot, you may be dealing with a callus. This is a hardened, raise bump that usually comes along with some pain or tenderness underneath the skin. There could also be a dry, flaky or waxy texture. No matter what, you will always be able to get the best foot calluses treatment in Everett when you work with Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic.

You should know that a corn and a callus is not really the same thing. A corn will be a bit smaller than a callus and comes with a hardened center that has inflamed skin around it, usually forming on the sides and tops of your toes. A callus is not usually all that painful and they will develop on the sole area of your feet under the ball or heel.

Whenever you have a callus that starts to bother you, it is best that you see a professional. If you happen to have poor circulation or diabetes, you need to talk to your podiatrist to make sure that you are able to remedy the situation. Even having a minor cut or injury on your foot can lead to an open sore or an infection.

Calluses can be caused by a number of reasons, all of which have a lot to do with repetitive actions along with friction and pressure on the skin. You could be wearing shoes that do not fit quite right or wearing your shoes without socks can lead to a lot of friction or damage.

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