Foot Calluses Treatment In Edmonds

Foot Calluses Treatment In EdmondsDid you know that a callus is also known as a keratoma or a tyloma? These are protective layers of skin that are dead and compacted. This thickening of the skin is made to help protect the soft skin underneath from the friction and rubbing on the footwear. Even though a callus may not be painful in the beginning, painful calluses over time will need professional foot calluses treatment in Edmonds in order for you to get complete relief.

Whenever there is constant pressure or friction on a specific portion of the foot, such as the ball of the foot or the heel, it can lead to uncomfortable calluses. Foot calluses can sometimes be embarrassing and ugly, however it is good to remember that the callus formation is actually the natural defense mechanism for the body.

Some people end up being more prone to calluses, simply because they do not have a lot of cushioning in the tissue that lies between the bones or the skin of their foot. Any callus on the foot that ends up going untreated can bring on additional problems, such as something known as a nucleated skin lesion.

Whenever a foot callus has a core that is deep seated, this is known as porokeratomas. These can be painful as lesions develop under the skin and make it quite difficult to stand for long periods of time, walk or even wear certain shoes.

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