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Foot and Ankle Fractures Treatment In Bothell-Mill Creek, WA

Trauma to your foot or ankle can result in a fracture even if you don’t realize it. Sometimes it could be days before you find out that a fracture has happened. That’s why Mill Creek Foot & Ankles provides superior foot and ankle fractures treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA. We can set up a consultation today to evaluate the pain you’re feeling and determine a course of treatment to get you relief and get back to normal.

Causes of Trauma

There could be a known cause of the pain in your foot. For example, you may have fallen, twisted your ankle, or had an impact such as something dropped on the foot/ankle region. In other instances, people may not realize they’ve fractured their foot and know that they are dealing with pain.


Things to watch out for when you’re dealing with a fracture include pain when you bear weight on the foot or ankle, inflammation such as swelling in the area, and any bruising or deformity that appears. Those who have issues with the nerves in their feet, such as those with diabetes, may not notice pain right away. That’s why it is best to get your foot and ankle evaluated sooner than later.

Call The Office

Our team of compassionate care providers is here to help you get the treatment you need and heal your foot and ankle. The doctor will evaluate the area, discuss what may have happened with you, and perform the necessary exam tests to determine if a fracture has occurred.

If you’re dealing with any pain or swelling, be sure to call us at (425) 482-6663 for your appointment for foot and ankle fractures treatment in Bothell-Mill Creek, WA.