Foot And Ankle Cancer Treatment In Monroe

A lot of people who have pain in their foot or ankle will not necessarily have to worry about cancer. However, there are some situations where there will be bone tumors that are cancerous in nature and they will need to be addressed. Such a bone tumor will call for proper care and guidance from a professional that will give you the best when it comes to foot and ankle cancer treatment in Monroe.

With some people who are dealing with cancer of the foot or ankle, there can be a tumor that is replacing the healthy bone tissue. When this happens, it can lead to a weakening of the bone that could lead to a painful fracture.

If there is a bone tumor in your foot or your ankle, it could end up being completely painless. However, a foot injury can bring about pain and discomfort in the region where the tumor is located. This bone that is weakened can become uncomfortable and the lump that is there can also start to cause other issues, much like night sweats and fever.

The most common complaint that a patient will have is that there is pain, issues with footwear, concerns about cosmetic appearance or even a bit of pins and needles in the area.

We encourage you to come in so that you can have a full physical examination and we will also suggest that further testing is done to pinpoint the exact location and scope of the cancerous area.

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