Foot And Ankle Arthritis Treatment In Issaquah

Dealing with foot and ankle pain is something that can leave you on the sidelines and keep you from enjoying a lot of your regular activities. In some patients, the discomfort, swelling and pain can become bad enough that they will start to shy away from exercise, running, taking walks or taking part in some of the sporting events that they normally enjoy. When you are dealing with such discomfort, you need to be able to work with the professionals to understand your options for foot and ankle arthritis treatment in Issaquah.

Foot And Ankle Arthritis Treatment In Issaquah

Arthritis pain in your foot and ankle should be looked at by a professional so that you can get the answers that you are looking for. During the examination at our offices, we will take the time to examine the ankle joint, which is located in the area where the shinbone rests upon the top of your foot bone. Along with the examination, we may also ask you to stand up in front of us barefoot so that we can look at how your balance is and where there are any potential abnormalities that are causing harm.

Anyone who is going through arthritis in the ankle and foot will more than likely have symptoms that can include pain, swelling, stiffness, tenderness and a dramatic reduction in range of motion. For some patients, it can become difficult to stand for a long period of time or even walk.

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