Common Foot Injury Treatment And Surgery In Renton

Common Foot Injury Treatment and Surgery in Renton

Whenever you are scheduled to have surgery on your foot or your ankle, there is bound to be a great deal of concern. Not only will you be worried about the surgery itself, but then there is also the process afterward, where you need to heal. When you work with our staff at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, you will see that we can put your mind at ease with professional care for common foot injury treatment and surgery in Renton.

Once you come in to meet with our team of professionals, you will have a full examination and we will take your health history. From there, we will perform any necessary testing, to include image tests to pinpoint the exact location and nature of the problem that you have causing your pain and discomfort. If there is a sprain or a fracture, we will then be able to discuss with you all of the available options for treatment.

What About Foot Surgery?

If there is some sort of fracture in your foot, it may be necessary to undergo surgical intervention so that we can stabilize the bones to foster healthy healing. The idea is always to restore function while also cutting down any of the risk of potential issues arising in the future. When you let a problem such as this go untreated, you could end up going through persistent lifetime pain, arthritis, or even the loss of motion.

Looking for info on ankle injury treatment? Call Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic at (425)482-6663 for common foot injury treatment and surgery in Renton. No matter what, we are on your side to work closely with you to get you back on your feet again as soon as possible.