Clubfoot Treatment and Surgery in Snohomish

Clubfoot Treatment and Surgery in Snohomish

There may be any number of deformities or congenital issues that can occur in the lower limbs of a child that are not recognized until birth. Clubfoot is a rather common deformity that is often seen in the pediatric world. What happens with this deformity is that the feet will actually be twisted inward. If you need to have information on clubfoot treatment and surgery in Snohomish for your infant, you can count on our professional touch at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic.

If the case is mild in nature, the treatment protocol will usually be trying out a number of methods that are non-invasive. In general, it is best that the methods of treatment are started within just a few weeks of birth. A few of the treatment plan options may include serial manipulation, continuous passive motion, taping, physical therapy, splinting, and more. If it is a textbook case of clubfoot, you may be able to see great results or full correction by about six weeks, up to eight weeks.

There can be a case of clubfoot that will be too severe in nature, which will call for surgical intervention for the best results. Our team understands your worries as a parent, so we will always do what we can to explain your options, how each procedure works and what you may be able to expect for a timeframe for your child’s healing. Surgical intervention will usually include fixation of pins in the foot, lengthening of the tendons and more.

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