Clubfoot Treatment and Surgery in Marysville

Clubfoot Treatment and Surgery in Marysville

At Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we see a wide variety of foot deformities on a regular basis. Clubfoot is a well-known congenital birth defect that we commonly treat at our facility. When you are in need of information or options when it comes to clubfoot treatment and surgery in Marysville, you can always count on our team to give you full attention and the best possible advice moving forward.

There are some babies that can be born with clubbing that is present in both of their feet. This deformity is one that causes the toes and heels of the impacted foot to twist in an inward motion, which gives the look that the top portion of the foot is wrapped all the way around to the bottom portion. Even though this is a defect that will require progressive therapies for the child to be able to walk normally, this is not a life-threatening or painful condition.

If serial casting seems to be the best treatment option, our team will place a cast on the foot, or both if they are both affected. This will gradually and gently shift the bones in the foot and ankle so that they end up properly aligned. After about a week, the foot will be stretched a bit further and a new cast can be placed on the foot to hold it into the new position. You can almost look at serial casting as the same idea that you would have for dental braces to move the teeth into the right position.

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