Clubfoot Treatment and Surgery in Edmonds

Clubfoot Treatment and Surgery in Edmonds

When you are a parent in need of information on clubfoot treatment and surgery in Edmonds, you can always count on our staff at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic.

This is a condition that is used to describe a number of unusual positions of the foot in newborns. Depending on the case, one or more of these characteristics may be present, ranging from mild up to severe:

  • The foot could be pointed downward.
  • The foot, especially at the heel, will be smaller than normal size.
  • The foot could turn in. If it is an extreme case, the bottom portion of the foot may also point up.
  • The front portion of the foot could be rotated in toward the opposing foot.

A lot of clubfoot conditions will be present at birth. This is a deformity that can actually happen in one or both of the feet. In just about half of the infants that are born with the condition, both of the feet will be involved.

While clubfoot condition is painless for the baby that is born with it, the treatment should begin as soon as possible for the best result moving forward. The clubfoot condition can lead to significant issues as the child grows and begins to learn to walk. The earlier the treatment is done for kids who are born with clubfoot, the more of a chance he or she will have to go on and lead a healthy, normal life without issues concerning their gait.

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