Claw Toe Treatment and Surgery in Edmonds

Claw Toe Treatment and Surgery in Edmonds

When it comes to your health and how you feel each day, the last thing that you want is to have discomfort in your feet. You have to get up and walk, and the chances are good that if you are dealing with claw toe, even walking into work each day can be uncomfortable for you. Our team at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic will be happy to not only teach you all about claw toe treatment and surgery in Edmonds, but help you to understand the options that are available to you.

Claw toe, sometimes referred to as claw foot, is a condition that will usually impact the four smaller toes. When this condition develops, the toes will bend in a manner that starts to resemble that of a claw. The angle of the toe can sometimes be painful, however there may also be a number of patients that do not have any pain at all. It all depends on the individual patient.

In most instances, claw toes will be taken care of conservatively, using proper foot wear, devices and exercise. If you have a painful case with extreme deformity, you may have to think about going with surgery to fix the issue.

There can be a number of health conditions that will lead to claw toe, including diabetes, alcoholism, disease of the spinal cord, stroke, cerebral palsy, nerve damage issues, and more.

Know your claw toe treatment options. Call Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic at (425)482-6663 for information on claw toe treatment and surgery in Edmonds. You will find that our team will be an integral part in your healing process and making sure that you are able to get back on your feet and enjoying all of the activities that you love.