Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain, Treatment, and Surgery in Everett

Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain, Treatment, and Surgery in Everett

There is nothing normal about pain in your ankle that keeps coming back time and again. For some patients, this pain can be non-stop with pain levels ranging from a dull ache to sharp pains. No matter what type of pain you are feeling, you do have options when it comes to chronic lateral ankle pain, treatment, and surgery in Everett. This is where making an appointment to see one of our specialists at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic can be very beneficial for your well-being and activity level.

Chronic lateral ankle pain is actually a condition where you experience pain that is recurring that concentrates on the lateral portion on the ankle. This is a condition that is common to a lot of athletes and those who are avid runners and exercise enthusiasts. When you are going through such recurrent pain, you can get the treatment and/or surgery that you need to get much needed relief with our team of specialists.

There may have been a fracture in the bones that are located in your ankle joint, you could have arthritis that is developing in the joint area, there may be nerve injury, or there might be some sort of scar tissue that is putting pressure on your ligaments.

Some of the treatment options that you have may include an ankle brace, the reduction of swelling with anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, injections of steroids, or surgical intervention. Surgery may entail the cleaning up of the joint surface or working to repair the tendons or ligaments that may be damaged.

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