Chilblains (Cold Feet) Treatment In Smokey Point

Chilblains (Cold Feet) Treatment In ArlingtonDealing with discomfort and pain in your feet is not something that many people enjoy going through. If it seems as though you are experiencing lumps that are small, itchy and painful on your feet, it could be that you are having a bout with chilblains. When you see us at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, you will be able to get help with professional chilblains (cold feet) treatment in Smokey Point.

If you are wondering how to treat chilblains on feet, our team of professionals will be able to offer you some valuable insight on the best treatment methods. While this is a condition that is not dangerous, if not care for properly you could run the risk of the skin cracking and leaving it susceptible to infection.

Chilblains, or cold feet, are actually a localized form of a condition that is known as vasculitis. Recovery in full can be achieved within just a few weeks. When you have the signs of chilblains, the best method of treatment is slowly warming your feet. If you happen to be a smoker, smoking can actually make you more likely to get the condition and it can also make it more difficult to get rid of it, even with aggressive treatment methods.

Some people are more prone to chilblains discomfort than others, including the elderly, small children and anyone who may lead a sedentary lifestyle or already have been diagnosed with poor circulation.

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