Chilblains (Cold Feet) Treatment In Lynnwood

Chilblains (Cold Feet) Treatment In LynnwoodThe symptoms that you will have with a condition such as chilblains will get worse when you are repeatedly exposed to cold. Instead of simply sitting back and dealing with the discomfort that you have on your feet, or if you have had a chilblains lupus diagnosis, you deserve to see the professionals for chilblains (cold feet) treatment in Lynnwood. This is where our office at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic can be of assistance.

Chilblains are actually patches on the skin that are red, swollen, itchy and sometimes presenting with pain or burning sensations. They are thought to be caused whenever there is a combination of poor circulation and cold weather that a patient is in. Any extremities can be impacted, however the toes can sometimes be more painful when you have chilblains present and you try to go about walking, running or any of your other daily activities. It is also common that the elderly or people that are usually sedentary will be more susceptible to the condition.

Despite any of the discomfort that you may be feeling or the changes in color from red to blue or even to a whitish color, this is a condition that does not usually cause any sort of damage to the tissue that is permanent. However, there are some people with chilblains that will notice the changes in temperature can bring about ulcerations where the patches are located. When you come in to see us at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we will give you a full examination and help you to treat the issue to get you back to the level of comfort that you desire.

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