Burning Feet Syndrome Treatment In Bothell

Burning Feet Syndrome in BothellAny sort of burning sensation that you get in your feet could be caused by some kind of nerve damage that happens in your legs. There can be a lot of different medical conditions that will cause burning feet, with diabetes being one of the most common. If you are looking for burning feet syndrome treatment in Bothell, you will find that Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic is going to be a wonderful option.

A lot of the treatments that are available for burning feet will be more of prevention of any sort of further nerve damage while working to reduce pain in the area. If you are a patient with diabetic neuropathy, it could mean that you are in need of regulation of your blood sugar levels to keep them in the normal range. Other patients may find that they are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, all of which can be addressed by working closely with our team of professionals.

When there is burning foot syndrome caused by athlete’s foot, there can be certain antifungal drugs that will work well to relieve the pain and burning sensation. The type of treatment that is used will generally depend upon how much burning or discomfort the patient is experiencing. Sometimes associated with paresthesia or tingling, burning feet disease is something that should be addressed by a podiatrist to make sure that there is no other underlying health condition.

If you think you have burning feet disease, call Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic at (425)482-6663. We offer burning feet syndrome treatment in Bothell, so make an appointment today to come in for an initial consultation to get treatment started.