Burning Feet Syndrome Treatment In Arlington

Burning Feet Syndrome Treatment In ArlingtonBurning feet syndrome is something that a lot of people deal with, even if they are not quite sure of what it is that may be causing it. If you are starting to notice that a burning sensation is something that you are unable to shake, you will need to a see a professional podiatrist to possibly give you some answers. This is where Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic can be very helpful when it comes to burning feet syndrome treatment in Arlington.

The feeling that your feet are tingling or burning can be a rather common condition with people that are over the age of 50 or even in those who have diabetes. There can be a variety of other causes as well that will lead to this difficult feeling that you are dealing with. Maybe you have neuropathy that leads to a loss of sensation in your feet? Other factors can include thing such as heavy use of alcohol, thyroid disfunction, obesity, issues with medications and side effects or even gastric restriction.

No matter what, it is always important that you talk with someone about the potential causes of the burning in your feet, as there could always be a more serious health condition that should be addressed by a professional.

Do you have hot, tingling feet? Call Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic at (425)482-6663 for burning feet syndrome treatment in Arlington so you can get relief. Once you make an appointment to come in for an initial consultation, we will be happy to go over all of the possible options that we have for you in terms of treatment. The end result will hopefully be you feeling your absolute best and taking on your regular daily activities.