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Bunion Prevention, Treatment And Surgery In Edmonds

Bunion Prevention, Treatment And Surgery In EdmondsWhen a bunion starts to develop, the chances are good that you may hope that it will simply go away. The fact of the matter is that most bunions are only going to get worse with time. If you have one that is developing, you need to think about talking with the professionals at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic about your options in bunion prevention, treatment and surgery in Edmonds.

There can be times when a bunion that is not overly painful can be helped by simply putting on shoes that are better fitted to your feet. There are also ways that you can use splints, pads and other shoe inserts that will take some of the pressure off of the bunion. Just as long as the new shoes or devices are not putting pressure anywhere else on the foot, you could have great results.

For some bunions, surgical procedures will be recommended. However, these procedures are generally reserved for times when the symptoms are quite severe and intervention is crucial. It is not all that often that surgery is done for cosmetic reasons.

During surgery on a bunion, there will usually be swollen tissue that is removed from the joint of the big toe. The procedure also calls for the straightening of the toe and realignment with the hopes of eliminating a problem is necessary. Depending on what it is that you have done, you may be able to walk on your foot right after the bunion surgery. However, there will be several weeks where you have to rest and make sure that you take care of the area.

If you are in need of bunion prevention, treatment and surgery in Edmonds, you can call Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic at (425)482-6663 for more information.