Arthroscopy Treatment And Surgery In Smokey Point

Arthroscopy Treatment And Surgery In Smokey PointArthroscopy is a type of surgical technique that involves the use of a small camera into an injured joint to help inspect the region and to possible proceed with treatment. If you know that you are in need of arthroscopy treatment and surgery in Smokey Point, you can set aside some time to visit with the professionals at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic.

An arthroscope is a tube that is elongated and uses a series of lenses to allow for magnification of any number of structures that are within the joint itself. A camera at the end of the arthroscope will help to give your surgeon a much better view of the region so that instruments can be used to clean or repair the joint.

There are several advantages that come from the use of arthroscopy over the traditional open joint technique:

  • Evaluation as well as treatment only calls for several small incisions, which helps to cut down on scarring
  • The interior of the joint can be inspected easily given the magnifying nature of the arthroscope itself
  • Damage joint tissue may be removed easily using specialized equipment
  • The joint will be bathed continuously in fluids offering a healthy surgical environment

This is a procedure that can be very effective for anyone who is having pain in the lower portion of the ankle. Whether you have been through a sprain or you have scarring due to regular wear and tear, this is a treatment option that has been proven to give incredible results and an improvement of mobility.

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