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Causes And Treatments For 4 Common Foot Issues

Causes And Treatments For 4 Common Foot Issues

Each day, feet take an immense amount of abuse as we walk, run, climb, jump, and more. Naturally, the feet are subject to a variety of problems that have to be addressed. Whether you have foot problems like inflammation or damage, seeing a podiatrist will give you the care you need. The last thing you should do is suffer through pain and discomfort when you could be enjoying notable relief.

There are 26 bones within the foot, which makes them an intricate network within the body. An average person walks over 100k miles throughout their lifetime, which means you need to have your feet checked from time to time.

Common factors for foot issues include diabetes, aging, and improper footwear, but there are other concerns you should keep in mind. These are the top 6 foot issues people often experience, including treatment options:

  1. Athlete’s Foot – This fungal infection usually forms between the toes and stems from enhanced moisture or exposure at the gym or in a public pool. Your podiatrist may suggest that you keep your feet clean and dry or try topical treatments to address the fungal growth.
  2. Bunions – This is an abnormality of the foot that causes a bump along the large toe joint. The condition is usually caused by wearing narrow or tight shoes. Your podiatrist will help you find a splint or insert that you can use to straighten the toe and get much-needed relief.
  3. Diabetic Neuropathy – Someone with diabetes is more likely to have fluctuations in their blood sugar, which can sometimes lead to foot damage. Treatment suggestions will include lifestyle changes and regular foot exams to trim the toenails and inspect for potential wounds that may be developing.
  4. Ingrown Toenails – This condition develops as the toenail grows into the nail groove area, leading to discomfort or significant pain. The problem may develop due to family history or because of ill-fitted shoes. Treatment options that your podiatrist may suggest include nail cutting techniques, washing your feet with antibacterial soap, or wearing properly-fitted shoes that do not have a point. In some instances, it might be necessary to have surgical intervention to correct the condition.

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