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When To See A Podiatrist For Signs of Ankle Sprain And Strain In Mill Creek

When To See A Podiatrist For Signs of Ankle Sprain And Strain In Mill Creek

Dealing with an ankle sprain and strain in Mill Creek is never pleasant. However, you can get the attention and care that you need by visiting a podiatrist for help! Our team at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic is here if you are dealing with some of the signs and symptoms of ankle issues.

A sprain or strain to the ankle is a common injury that can bring on a tremendous amount of pain. This is a joint that includes a range of interconnected muscles, ligaments, and tendons, each of which can have an acute or chronic strain or sprain.

With the intricate design of the ankle, the joint itself is very stable compared to others within the body. This stability is critical for proper function because the ankle has to take on roughly 1.5 times the weight of the body with each step. When walking or running, the ankle undergoes about eight times the amount of impact.

When you are enjoying higher-impact activities, your ankle that is usually stable is subjected to a great deal of risk. This is multiplied if it happens to twist or turn out of the normal range of motion.

Some of the more common ankle injuries include:

  • Acute injuries where the ankle joint is pushed beyond the regular range of motion. This often happens by falling off of a step or curb, or a sports injury.
  • Injury from overuse that is caused by a repetitive force, such as a hard landing during athletic activity, including jumps with basketball or long-distance running.

Know the Cause

When you are suffering from an ankle sprain or strain, it is best to know the difference between the two:

Ankle Sprain – This often comes from indirect or direct trauma to the ligaments of the ankle. Sprains often happen if someone twists their ankle while running, stepping on an uneven surface, and more. If not appropriately treated, the pain can become chronic in nature.

Ankle Strain – This injury often occurs as a side effect from ankle tendonitis, which is a condition where one or more of the tendons are inflamed. Taking part in gymnastics or ballet where repetitive hard articulations take place will often be the cause.

If you are unsure if you can distinguish the difference between these two conditions or which one you are dealing with, seeing a podiatrist for a proper diagnosis is best. It is always a good idea to see a professional to learn more about the type of injury you have, what the best treatments are, and how you can avoid the possibility of re-injury. We are here to help at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic!

See a podiatrist in Mill Creek if you are dealing with an ankle sprain and strain. Call Dr. Hall at (425) 482-6663 today!