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Tips For Maintaining Healthy Feet


Tips For Maintaining Healthy Feet

Something that many people should be doing is making sure that they take good care of their feet. However, this is a part of a regular routine that most tend to forget. Your podiatrist will tell you that you can have pain-free, healthy feet just as long as you take the proper steps. Along with properly fitting shoes, self-exams, and good hygiene go a long way.

In order for you to stay active and feel good, you need to have healthy feet. Neglecting your feet can bring on a variety of foot problems along with unnecessary pain. Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic wants you to know that there are some easy tips that you can keep in mind to work on healthy, pain-free feet:

  • Examinations – You can be proactive by taking a look at your feet at least once per week when you are bathing or showering. When you dry your feet off, look around the soles to see if you have scaling skin or if there is peeling between the toes; these could be signs of Athlete’s foot. It is also best to look to see if your nails have discoloration, which is an indicator of nail fungus. NOTE: Anyone with diabetes should be looking at their feet on a daily basis to ensure there are no infections or sores present.
  • Keep them dry and clean – Good hygiene is a must for healthy feet. Always scrub and clean your feet thoroughly using soap and water while bathing. Once you are done, make sure that you dry them completely so that no fungus has the chance to develop.
  • Toenail care – Your toenails should always be cut straight across and never trimmed back too far. Doing so, as well as rounding the corners drastically, can lead to ingrown, painful toenails.
  • Don’t mask your toenails with polish – You may think that you should cover ugly and discolored toenails with polish. However, if there is cracking, crumbling, or fungus present, nail polish could make the issue even worse.
  • Protection – Whenever you are in a public area like a pool the gym, or in a locker room, you should be wearing foot protection like shower shoes or water shoes. All of these public spaces are known breeding grounds for fungi that can turn into an infection.
  • Footwear – Not only should you always be wearing breathable footwear that fits properly, but you should never share your footgear with anyone else.
  • No sweat – Your feet include hundreds of thousands of sweat glands. Excessive perspiration can bring on bacteria growth. Be sure that you wear socks that help to keep your feet dry so that they can stay as healthy as possible.
  • When to see a podiatrist – Self-treating painful foot issues can make them worse, fast. You should always make an appointment with a trained podiatrist to learn more about your current foot woes. The problem could be easily cleared up with the help of an in-office procedure or a prescription medication.

When you want to keep your feet healthy, Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic is here to help with all your podiatry needs. Call Dr. Hall at (425) 482-6663 today!