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Are You Experiencing Ski Boot Pain? Where To Find Help In Mill Creek

Are You Experiencing Ski Boot Pain? Where To Find Help In Mill Creek
SKI BOOT PAIN? Snow skiing doesn’t have to be a painful experience. When you spend a lot of money on a pair and continue to have pain, it is a very frustrating experience. Ski boot related pain is most often related to the boot being too narrow. Taking your boot to a boot fitter can help, but if pain continues it may be time for a custom orthotic to save your season. Transitioning pressure to the inside and outside of the foot while initiating and carrying out a turn on skis requires significantly more force on the foot than walking or running. This force over-strains the internal musculature of the foot, specifically the arch. Flat feet structurally have less stability and weaker internal musculature. This often results in a searing, burning, aching pain in the arch of the foot while skiing, often referred to as “Plantar Intrinsic Stress Syndrome”. Excessive pressure to the balls of the feet, called “Metatarsalgia”, is also common due to forward lean. Supporting the arch strengthens and reduces strain on the foot. This can improve skiing discomfort and allow a more efficient transition of medial and lateral pressure from the foot to the ski edge. A custom orthotic distributes pressure more evenly throughout the foot and can reduce pain to the balls of the feet. You will need to bring in you ski boot at the time of orthotic design so we can obtain an outline. We may be able to help you get them covered by insurance depending on your plan and your problem. Get ready for the fast approaching ski season by calling Dr. Hall at (425)482-6663 for an evaluation today.