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What To Do About Your Blisters

blister treatment in Mill Creek

Does it seem as though blisters have become a regular occurrence on your feet? If so, having such an issue with your feet can really start to take a toll on your regular daily activities. This calls for a professional touch with blister treatment in Mill Creek, and here is why.

Blisters are a formation of fluid within a pocket that builds in the top layers of the skin. This fluid can be blood, plasma, lymph, pus, or serum, and the blister is usually caused by friction, burning, infection or freezing of the area. They are often caused by an abrasion or shearing of the area through some sort of activity, sport or motion that brings about the blister as an acute response to this amount of stress on the skin.

Additionally, if you happen to be wearing shoes that do not quite fit right, it could lead to blisters. This will then, in turn, make it hard for you to walk and many of your daily activities will become uncomfortable or painful to go through.

Your Podiatrist Can Help

When treating a blister, the best option will be making your way to see your professional podiatrist. This will allow you to get the accurate diagnosis and treatment that you need. Just be sure that you keep the area on the foot where the blister is located nice and clean to avoid infection.

We will fully assess the problem to determine whether or not the pocket will need to be drained. We will make sure that the area receives the right type of dressing to help add padding and to avoid any sort of infection from developing.

If the blister measures less than 5mm in diameter without any sign of infection, it may be covered using a protective padding to help prevent additional friction. When your shoes seem to be causing the blister, it is best to change up your footwear to avoid the chance of the blister coming back.

Further Assessments

When you come to see us at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic, we will take a look to see what further assessments should be made. We may suggest a biomechanical assessment, which will help us to determine if there could be an abnormality when you walk or run that could be leading to the blistering. Should we find that abnormalities are the problem, we can work on prescribing custom orthotics that will help to prevent further issues from developing. If it seems as though there is some sort of underlying condition that is impacting your feet, we will offer all of the professional assessment and guidance possible.

We are always there to ensure our patients are able to put their best foot forward at all times. We will always go the extra mile to give you the attention and care that you deserve and will give you the right foot care solutions for you and your entire family. You can trust in our team to give you all of the blister care and treatment that you need while also offering a range of quality podiatry services and a customized solution to meet your needs.

If you are looking for blister treatment in Mill Creek, contact a podiatrist for expert care. Call Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hall for additional information.

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