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Arch And Ball Problems And Treatment In Lake Stevens

Are you starting to have issues or pain in your foot that seems to be around the ball area? If so, then you are going to want to get more information on arch and ball problems and treatment in Lake Stevens. Foot pain that takes place within the ball of your foot up to the area of the arch and the toes will be referred to as metatarsalgia. This is pain that will usually center on at least one or more of the five bones known as metatarsals that are found in the mid-region of the foot.

Arch And Ball Problems And Treatment In Lake Stevens

Metatarsalgia or dropped metatarsal heads can lead to abnormal distribution of weight that can be due to over-pronation. This is a condition that will cause the joints to become inflamed and/or painful. Most people will usually develop some sort of a callus underneath the joint that is affected.

This is also a condition that can be caused from foot injuries to take place with repeated stress, car accidents or sports activities. Some may also develop it from walking or running on a hard surface like tile or cement, by wearing a certain kind of footwear or even arthritis. Even though some patients will be able to benefit from a change in footwear to help solve the problem, a more severe case could require foot inserts that are custom molded and full length.

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