Apophysitis/Severs Disease

Other Heel Pain Issues

Foot pain can be a frustrating issue to deal with. Sometimes you may have ideas of why your foot or ankle hurts. Other times, you need a professional such as the doctors and staff at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic. Helping to diagnose and treat the foot pain you’re dealing with is what we do best. One of the conditions we treat is apophysitis/severs disease.

Learning more about this condition and getting the treatment necessary can help to remove the pain.

Who Does This Condition Affect Most?

This condition is most prevalent in children and early teens from 8 to 14. This is generally because the bones of the heel are still forming around the growth plate area. It is a common issue that young people deal with, especially those who make repetitive moves such as running in sports.

What Is Severs Disease?

In fact, it is not actually a “disease.” It is a condition where inflammation is found around the growth plate in the heel. This pain in the heel can be felt in both feet and is different from what you find in adults. While most adults can relieve some heel pain by walking, in this instance, walking can make this inflammation worse.

What We Do

The doctor will perform a thorough medical history, ask questions about recent activities, and in some cases, order x-rays while examining the foot. This helps to get a full diagnosis of the situation. Treatment options may include reducing the activity to help reduce inflammation, immobilizing the heel in some instances, medications may be prescribed, or heel support inserts may be discussed.

If you believe your child is dealing with apophysitis/severs disease, be sure to reach out to our team today at (425) 482-6663 to set up an appointment.