Ankle Surgery In Lynnwood

Whenever you suffer from an ankle fracture that is severe, the chances are good that you may be looking at ankle surgery in Lynnwood. A lot of ankle fractures will take between six to eight weeks to heal all the way through, however the pain will start to lessen after just a couple of weeks. Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic can be there to help you through each step of the healing process so that you can get your full range of motion back once again.

Ankle Surgery In Lynnwood

During the time that you are healing, the chances are good that you will have to wear a walking boot, splint or a cast. Patients that go through surgery can usually get back to fully bearing weight on the ankle in about six weeks, all depending upon a number of factors, including their age, the type of injury and more.

An injury to the ankle is often some of the most common when it comes to sporting and exercise injuries. The joints within the ankle are very complex and formed by three bones. Once you go through a fracture of this area, you need to be careful when it comes to the way that you work the area to get your strength back. Failing to properly exercise the area with physical therapy could lead to a vulnerability to injury in the future or even arthritis pain that you could feel throughout your lifetime.

If you find out that you are in need of ankle surgery in Lynnwood, it is going to be best that you contact Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic at (425)482-6663. We will be happy to go over all of your treatment options and physical therapy that is necessary for your ankle.