Ankle Problems

The ankle bone is what is found at the base of the two lower leg bones and that make up the ankle joint. The ligaments, which serve to connect the bones to each other, help to stabilize and support the leg. The most common issues with the ankle include fractures and sprains; however, there are a number of other problems we see at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic.

  • Ankle Sprain: This refers to the tearing of the ligaments in the ankle. The most common types of ankle sprains occur on the outside portion of the bone.
  • Broken Ankle: Chances are there will be no doubt if a person breaks their ankle, but some of the indications this has occurred include swelling, pain and bruising near or at the joint. Most people will not be able to walk if they break their ankle.
  • Chronic Deep Ankle Pain: Could be caused by Osteochondritis dissecans (a cartilage defect in the ankle joint). This pain occurs deep in the ankle and often begins to develop after an injury has occurred, such as an ankle sprain. However, there are some other conditions that may also cause this issue, including: instability, pain, stiffness and swelling.
  • Ankle Pain – Instability: This condition is characterized by a continuous ‘giving way’ of the lateral portion of the ankle. It often occurs when a person experiences frequent ankle sprains.

Seeking care for any type of ankle issue in a timely manner is essential to prevent it from becoming worse. Keep in mind, if an issue is left untreated, it may result in a much more serious condition that requires extensive treatment and surgery to repair. Let our team of foot specialists handle any ankle issues you may have. Call us at Mill Creek Foot & Ankle Clinic today at (425)482-6663 to schedule an appointment.