Ankle Problems And Treatments In Snohomish

For a lot of people, there can be nothing worse than having some sort of ankle pain as it can take away from a lot of the daily activities that you enjoy. If you are someone who has questions regarding ankle problems and treatments in Snohomish, you will find everything that you are looking for with an appointment at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic.

Ankle Problems And Treatments In Snohomish

There can be pain and stiffness that may develop and then linger in your ankle from some sort of repetitive irritation. It could have been caused during a sports event, activities at work, intense exercise routines or some sort of injury that came on quick like a severe sprain or an ankle fracture. Even though there are some cases where a patient may feel as though the pain is felt mostly while walking, it is more likely that the pain will increase with prolonged walking, stepping on ground that is uneven or running.

There are a number of treatment options that you may have, with the simplest being applied in the beginning or if you are going to be doing some of the treatment at home. If you have ankle issues and pain that is more persistent, you will be able to work with us to determine the use of anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy or cortisone injections. In the case that the ankle problems are very severe, you may be a good candidate for a surgical procedure to help you control the issue and give you a good bit of relief.

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