Ankle Problems And Treatments In Edmonds

Are you someone who is normally very active, yet you are finding it difficult to go about your daily activities because you are experiencing some sort of ankle pain or discomfort? If so, you are going to need to talk with a professional about what you can do for ankle problems and treatments in Edmonds. Our friendly, professional staff at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic talk with patients all of the time who are dealing with some sort of ankle discomfort and we are ready to help you with yours.

Ankle Problems And Treatments In Edmonds

The symptoms from ankle problems can range in nature all depending on the type of issue or injury that has taken hold. Some of the symptoms that you may notice with any number of ankle problems will include swelling, aching, pain, bruising, skin that is hot to the touch, difficulty walking or a feeling as though the ankle is loose or that it could give way at any time.

The most common injuries that we will see of the ankle will either be an ankle sprain or a fracture. A lot of these fractures and sprains are known to take place while the patient is participating in sports. Runners, football players, dancers, basketball players, tennis players, gymnasts and more are all prone to stress fractures and sprains of some sort.

Regardless of the cause of your ankle problems, it is going to be crucial that you know how to treat the issue. In addition to tips for home care and anti-inflammatory medications, we will also be able to put together a treatment plan that may include physical therapy. If you are looking for information on ankle problems and treatments in Edmonds, call Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic today at (425)482-6663 for information.