Alcoholic Neuropathy Treatment In Redmond

Receiving a diagnosis of alcoholic neuropathy may be a bit difficult to swallow. However, if you are someone who has been a heavy drinker for a good portion of your life, this is a diagnosis that was to be expected as half of the population of people suffering with alcoholism tend to develop this condition. When you take the time to make an appointment with our professional staff at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we will be able to help you to get the alcoholic neuropathy treatment in Redmond that you deserve.

Alcoholic Neuropathy Treatment In Redmond

While the exact cause of neuropathy from alcohol consumption is not quite known, it is very likely that there is a direct link between a poisoning of the nerves as well as poor nutrition. In more severe cases of alcoholic neuropathy, the nerves that work to regulate your internal functions can also be involved. Risk factors for alcoholic neuropathy can include heavy, long term use of alcohol as well as alcoholism that has been present for about 10 years or longer.

After meeting with us at Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic, we will be able to properly diagnose your situation and then work with you on a treatment plan. Some of the testing that you go through may include blood tests to determine any deficiencies that you have as well as a full examination of your feet to be sure that there are not any injuries or infections.

Mill Creek Foot and Ankle Clinic is available to help you with options in alcoholic neuropathy treatment in Redmond. Call us at (425)482-6663 for information so that we can get you in for an appointment that will helpfully change the way that you feel.